Air Contracts

50 airlines

LUXE Travel has extremely strong airline contracts with over 50 carriers around the world.


150 contracts

Our upfront commission agreements give each agent the opportunity to increase revenue on:

  • Economy
  • Business
  • First-Class
  • Domestic
  • Trans-Border
  • International

Waivers, Favors & Value Add Programs

Our dollar off certificates along with numerous upgrade programs will help strengthen your leisure and corporate client relationships.

Our excellent vendor partnerships allow us to potentually secure waivers and favors from numerous carriers including:

  • Frequent Flyer Status Matches
  • Name Changes
  • Unblocking Seat Assignments
  • Missed Ticketing Deadlines
  • Price Increases
  • Eliminating Exchange or Reissue Penalties
  • Minimum/Maximum stay
  • Advance Purchase Requirements
  • Clearing Discounted Inventory


All of our independent agents have the ability to utilize our agreements which are easily displayed on our intranet including sample ticketing formats.  You will also have access to dedicated staff members who will assist with contract questions and ticketing support as necessary.