Signature Travel Network

LUXE Travel has partnered with Signature Travel Network, a network of over 6,000 travel professionals who share one objective: to serve the unique needs of discerning travelers. Signature Travel Network is a co-operative of the travel industry's leading retail travel agencies with more than 320 office locations who serve thousands of clients from around the world. The network, established more than 50 years ago, generates sales in excess of $4 billion. This buying power is leveraged to deliver the best value to your clients.

Over the years, Signature has built a vast collection of preferred relationships with the best travel companies in their field. This includes cruise lines, tour operators, safari outfitters, hotels, airlines, villa rental companies, adventure travel providers, rail, car rental and limo companies. The companies Signature selects are eminently reputable and committed to delivering on the promises they make to you and to your clients.

The Signature Advantage

Created by a group of like-minded agency owners in 1956, Signature Travel Network has continued to attract the travel industry's most successful and prominent retailers and travel professionals. Signature's member-owned network supports more than 6,000 front-line travel consultants, who collectively generate sales in excess of $5 billion annually. Signature Travel Network strives to stay ahead of the curve and behind every member.

Here are some key reasons why more and more travel professionals are joining Signature.

Premium & Preferred Suppliers

Signature has partnered with top cruise lines, tour operators, wholesalers and hoteliers, providing agents with unique privileges and value added amenities that help close sales and build client loyalty.


Cruise program offers a host of exclusive privileges, including private car-and-driver sightseeing experiences, prepaid gratuities, private food and wine events, onboard hosts and shipboard credits, on more than 2,500 sailings.

Hotels & Resorts

Agents and their clients can take advantage of value-added features on hundreds of exclusive land offers, with over 750 hotels and resorts.

Marketing Services

We can take your business to the next level. Through our partner Signature Travel Network, our agents have access to the following professional marketing tools:

Email Marketing

Signature creates and executes weekly e-mail campaigns.  Campaigns are sent only to clients that have indicated interest in that particular destination or type of travel. E-mails are customized with your name and contact information’s.

Signature’s Publications & Direct Mail Campaigns
  • The Travel Magazine – A quarterly, high quality, 56+ page magazine highlighting popular vacation destinations.
  • The Travel Magazine Cruise Issue – Bi-yearly, high quality, 36+ page magazine featuring popular cruise vacations.
  • Travel Redefined – High quality, 36+-page magazine featuring deluxe to ultra-luxury vacations with value added amenities such as onboard credit, upgrades and more.
  • Direct Mailers – Free mini cruise or tour brochures mailed directly to your clients on a monthly basis with your contact information’s.

Customized web design integrated with Signature’s travel contents at a minimal cost. These Microsites can be personalized with your contact information and travel expertise.

Technology Tools

Signature is ahead of the curve with cutting edge technology tools at no cost to the agents and clients.

  • signet logo SIGnet Signature’s Intranet – Agents online portal with complete access to all vendors, phone & email contacts at each of properties and vendors.  It's friendly to use and chock-full of information.
  • Pocket Travel Consultant Mobile app for both Apple and Android devices. Mobile app allows your clients to carry all of the destination information they need while traveling, right in their pocket!
  • MyTravelSite MyTravelSite leverages social networking capabilities, including Facebook integration, to allow clients to share stories, photos and videos of their vacations with friends.
  • The Travel Experience Digital online travel magazine, available for iPad, tablets and your computer. It brings you as close to the action and excitement of travel as you can be – all from the comforts of your favorite armchair.

Training & support

Signature University is the network's learning management system that is designed to support the professional development of our agents through innovative online learning, accessible 24/7. A diverse content library includes recorded webinars and self-paced on demand courses. The curriculum covers a wide variety of subject matter including:

  • Technology
  • Marketing
  • Sales
  • Customer services
  • Product/destination knowledge
  • Business skills